Mustard Twist Headband

Tiny Autumn

About The Twist:

The "Twist" Headband is super soft and has lots of stretch, that won't leave marks on your head and will contain unruly hair, in a stylish look.  Wear it with the twist in-front, or reverse it for a wide look.

Fabric: Soft Buttery Bamboo,  that breaths and wicks away moisture for maximum comfort, and is ECO friendly.


Adult :   3 3/4" ( 9.5cm) Wide  x  19" (48.2 cm) Circumference

Care Instructions:

All Twists are pre-washed in Ivory Snow detergent, and should still be washed in cold water and tumbled dry, or lay flat.

*If you've fallen in love with a fabric, but you don't see the size you're looking for, feel free to email

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Type: Twist