Moose Pom Slouchy Beanie

Tiny Autumn

About The Pom Beanie

These Beanies are made with a stretch knit outer fabric, and lined with a soft cozy, stretchy micro fleece.  They have just the right amount of slouch to support the Pom!

Care Instructions:

All fabric is pre-washed in Ivory Snow detergent, and should still be washed in cold water and tumbled dry.


We offer 2 sizes of this Beanie, each stretching comfortably over your child's heads and gives them room to grow with the hat. To determine which size is appropriate for your child, measure your child's head in the location the beanie would sit (from the forehead to the base of the head):

S/M - Fits 1yr-4yr old Approx diameter 18"

M/L-Fits 4yrs-Adult Approx diameter 22"

** Note The M/L Beanie has a removable pom with a snap, S/M is sewn on.

*If you've fallen in love with a fabric, but you don't see the size you're looking for, feel free to email


Type: Beanie